About the Infrastructure

Hawaii Gas produces hydrogen and synthetic natural gas at the only facility of its kind in the United States and supplies the mixture through a 1,100-mile pipeline network to nearly 30,000 commercial and residential utility customers.

Through a proprietary separation process, Hawaii Gas plans to tap into its pipeline network at strategic locations and separate the hydrogen for use by local fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles. The infrastructure in Hawaii could eventually support tens of thousands of fuel cell vehicles.

The military services in Hawaii are increasing their capacity to refuel the world’s first military fleet of 16 fuel cell vehicles on Oahu. Schofield Barracks, Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam are building or retrofitting hydrogen-refueling stations.

Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative partners are working to install 20 to 25 hydrogen-refueling stations on Oahu that can be accessed by local residents.

Hawaii Gas and General Motors also opened a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle service center to test and maintain the military fleet’s Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii. GM operates the service center, located at Hawaii Gas’ Kamakee operations facility in Honolulu.

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