GM and U.S. Army to Expand Fuel Cell Testing

General Motors and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center are expanding their collaboration in the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Learn More →

GM, Honda to Collaborate on Next-Generation Fuel Cell Technologies

GM and Honda plan to work together with stakeholders to further advance refueling infrastructure, which is critical for the long-term viability and consumer acceptance of fuel cell vehicles. Learn More

Commissioning of Military Fuel Cell Vehicle Fleet

Commissioning of Military Fuel Cell Vehicle Fleet- On Feb. 22, 2012, U.S. Army, Pacific, unveiled a fleet of 16 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that the military services in Hawaii are testing in an effort to research efficient, clean and renewable energy sources, and reduce the U.S. military’s dependence on petroleum. Learn More

Fuel Cell Vehicle Service Facility Dedication

Fuel Cell Vehicle Service Facility Dedication – The Gas Company and General Motors opened a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle service center in Hawaii to test and maintain a fleet of Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell vehicles. Learn More

Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative Launch

Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative Launch – Thirteen agencies, companies and universities launched the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative in December 2010 to develop a hydrogen-supply infrastructure in Hawaii. Learn More

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles – GM, which operates the world’s largest fuel cell vehicle fleet, views hydrogen fuel cells as an important component of its advanced propulsion portfolio. Fuel cell vehicles have a range of more than 300 miles and can refuel in as little as three minutes. Learn More


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